New Direction Baits

New Direction Baits

1. Are the baits boiled or steamed?
The baits are now all boiled and no longer steamed.
2. Do all the different boilies use the same base mix?
No every bait has its own base mix I know that some company’s use the same mix but just change the flavour and colour for the different varieties we however use a different mix for each type. For example the Squid & Octopus boilies contain real dried and ground Squid, Kelp meal and fish meal;
3. Are the baits tested before being released?
Most of you that fish the Milin will know that I am always making and trying new baits some of you will have been given certain baits to try but 95% never make it any further than the testing stage and will be scrapped, very rarely a bait will work exceptionally well only then will it go on general sale. We are lucky in the fact that we have the perfect place to be able to test the baits and that can be done under lots of different conditions and angling abilities.
Some companies have to design their baits so that they can be rolled with their equipment (not too sticky as to bung up the rollers ) rather than what works best, if we design a bait (Mega bugs for instance) and the machine cannot cope with it we will not change the recipe but instead use the hand rolling equipment.
4. How do we know only quality ingredients are used?
Easy most of the baits are used in my own lake and there is no way that I would feed my own fish crap or low quality food, I would have to be mad as if anything happened to the fish then that would be the end of my business.
5. If the baits are of that quality why are they cheaper than well known brands?
Simple we don’t use fancy packaging, we don’t spend thousands on advertising, we don’t have well known anglers working for us and we make them on site.
6. How many eggs are in a kg of boilies?
We use 10 eggs per kg of base mix no water is ever added to the mix if the mix is too dry then more eggs are added this keeps the protein level high on the baits.
7. why do you always recommend 14mm baits when other places use 18mm?
Again simple because 14mm baits seem to work the best I really wish that bigger baits worked better here because they are easier to roll and we could do much more in a day. But baits are available in 14,18,20mm and the bigger baits do some weeks work very well.
8. Are you working on a new bait at the moment?
I am always working on new bait but I am not going to release anything until we can find something that works better than what we already have. In 2019 The Winter special and the Fruit crunch boilies worked extremely well and gave loads of people new PB’s and some massive catches. This year we have cut down the range and have only kept the best for general sale. I do have a bait which is proving to be another classic but lots more testing is needed and lots of you will be given some to try though out the season.
9. Will you be able to make me a custom bait?
Yes we offer this service and lots of the French lads use it but I would not recommend it for people fishing the Milin as you will be using an untested bait and as you are only here for a week I think you would do much better with one of the House baits that have been tested for a few seasons and are proven to work. We can however tweak the proven baits to give you an edge for example change the colour or up/down the flavour levels add/remove shell etc.
10. Do you keep lots of bait in stock?
We do have bait in stock but would ask that people pre order at least two weeks before they arrive as we do turnover a huge amount and only have limited time to make them as it is only done as a hobby and not are main job.

A new bait has had 2 years of testing and has proven itself to be probably my best yet this will be released in 2021 and its called T1 more details to follow soon.

some T1 is available for testing purposes on some weeks.

Any other questions then please email and I will try to answer them.


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