Lake Rules

Lake Rules

All people that fish the Milin will need to sign the rules on arrival.

1) Only safe rigs can be used no bolt rigs
2) Leadcore is banned
3) No rods to be left unattended at any time 
4) 4 rods maximum per person
5) No spinning or double and treble hooks
6) No wire traces or spider wire
7) Only baits on the bait list can be used (see separate list)
8) Barbless hooks only (anyone using barbed hooks will receive an instant ban from the lake)
9) Everyone fishing must have some form of Carp med and every hook mark must be treated
10) Only Carp cradles are allowed to be used 
11) Each person fishing must have a French fishing license (available on site) 
12) Please use the toilets provided they are open 24hrs per day
13) No swimming or wadding 
14) Please to not cut any trees or bankside vegetation without permission
15) The onsite boat is not to be used without permission
16) Please keep the kitchen area clean and tidy
17) no feeding the fish in the breeding pond 
18) When using a bait boat please keep it in your own swim
19) Each person fishing will need their own landing net and unhooking cradle 
20) Only  Rudd and Trout can be used for live baits and they must be caught on the premises
21) Fishing starts at 12 pm on the Saturday (if you arrive early you cannot access the lake until Saturday)
22) No sacking of fish at any time day or night.
23) Fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible 
24) Any unused bait must be taken home or put in the skip do not throw in the lake 
25) The river behind your swim will be checked for rubbish when you leave (again instant ban)
26) Sturgeon must not be put in a landing net they have to be tailed out (ask for details if unsure)
27) Generators are not allowed around the lake
28) Anyone found to be breaking the rules will be asked to leave and never allowed to return

Bait rules for fishing at the Milin de Ruchec
These are the only baits that can be used 
1) Freezer boilies = No limit
2) Carp pellets = No limit (must be Carp pellets)
3) Worms = 1kg limit per person per week 
4) Live baits = Roach, Rudd and trout only.
5) Dead baits = freshwater or sea fish can be used
6) Maggots or castors = 1pint (alive or dead) per person per week 
7) Plastic baits
8) Luncheon meat, pepperami etc. = No limit
9) Shelf life boilies = 2kg
10) Glugs are ok to use but No Korda Goo
11) cheese


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