French Carp,Catfish and Sturgeon fishing holidays
Welcome to the  Milin De Ruchec website.      Please have a look around and also why not join the forum.    Bookings for 2013 now being taken.For the latest news please look at the forum. Lake record carp is now 55.13lb please join the new forum as the old forum has had to be closed down just click the forum link and re  join
At the Milin De Ruchec we believe that a trip abroad fishing should be one that you will remember for many years to come.
This is what we always try to achieve, We do this by offering some brilliant fishing and all the amenities that you should need. We have been offering holidays fishing in France for over ten years.

milin de ruchec

We offer lots of different types of holiday, and hopefully one that will suit your requirements, If there isn't then please call or email us and we will try to help. Please have a look at the various pages on this website and comments from people that have visited us before. Also why not have a look at or join the forum.

Please join the new forum for the latest news from the lake and booking details.
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